• The problem

    »  People around the world aren't living up to their full potential simply because they can't see properly.
    » The estimates are between 750 million to 1 billion people would have their lives change instantly with access to eye glasses.
    » The cost of eye glasses is prohibitive for this group.
    » There a no eye care professionals to prescribe glasses.
    »  Most don't even understand their is an easy way to improve their vision.

  • Our Mission

    At Vision for the Poor we aren't naive enough to presume that we could solve the issue of providing eye care to the poor on our own. Our hope is to show that our system of Vision Dots works and is the most promising solution with a fighting chance to improve the well being of the poor.

    Starting with something that costs a dollar to make and has on the spot interchangeable lenses really gives Vision Dots an advantage to anything else trying to solve this issue.

    The simplicity of Vision Dots will make it possible to show the poor that they can be looked after in an efficient manner. We want to show the way on how eye glasses can be distributed to the masses that need them. The idea might be refined or improved by evolution but Vision Dots sure are a great starting point.

Our Services

The Solution = Vision Dots

  • Build a functional pair ofeye glasses that cost a dollar to produce.
  • Make sure the glasses are self prescribing and each eye can have a different lens strength.
  • Build a flexible frame that allows lenses to be securely slotted into the frame on the spot.
  • Build a pair of glasses that are more suitable for these types of poor environments.
  • Create a delivery system for glasses that can service 1 thousand people in an hour. (buffet style)
  • Create tackle boxes full of components to build glasses on the spot for disaster relief and schools. (tackle box eye care)
  • Compact product to save on shipping costs.

The Idea

  • The idea is not only about providing eye care but also about getting the message about Vision Dots to other organizations that will piggy back our ideas on how to spread the word about Vision Dots.
  • Coming up with a solution to this global issue had to be simplified to have a fighting chance.
  • Frames that cost pennies instead of dollars.
  • Smaller lenses that fit closer to the eyes to save money.
  • We are looking for additional team members that would like to help in our efforts to perfect the concept of Vision Dots. The poor are waiting on us to show them a clearer world for the first time.
  • The glasses have to be self prescribing, compact and robust.

The Ask

  • My name is Jeff Widderich I am from Victoria BC. I am the inventor of Vision Dots. I make a living using the concepts that. ......

The Ask


My name is Jeff Widderich I am from Victoria BC. I am the inventor of Vision Dots. I make a living using the concepts that I create and make products out of those ideas. I invent, create, build and sell what I have inside my brain. I am very good at taking concepts and turning them into reality efficiently and with a great deal of pride. "But this one is way too big even for someone as crazy as myself to tackle" My drive and passion is to see this concept start to help at least a small portion of the estimated 1billion people immediately that can't afford eye care. Getting Vision Dots exposure will cause a viral spread of the idea and the solution to a massive problem. Even helping a single child see the blackboard or to be able to read a book for the first time will make this effort worth while. Additional features and benefits of Vision Dots New glasses, no sorting of mountains of used scratched glasses with odd prescriptions. Each eye can have a different prescription simply by popping in a specific lens. Shipments are so compact that they can be shipped directly from the factory to the area of the world that needs them. Built according to an order. The lenses are of extremely good quality (UV and scratch coating) The lens frame is so flexible you can apply incredible force before they would break The string that holds the pair together will make it easy for children to conceal their pride and joy and it will be harder for them to loose the glasses. If for example an order of 10 000 lenses is being produced. We have already established with the manufacturer the ratios we need to produce the different prescriptions. Based on frequency of use. Existing efforts to provide eye care to the poor will rapidly switch over to the concept of Vision Dots making distribution efforts a lot more effective. The tackle boxes make a great business opportunity for the poor to make a living selling mobile eye care. (eco-entrepreneurs) No expenses related R & D because Vision Dots are the simplest form of eye care possible. Glasses can be bought instead of paying salaries. Vision Dots make a strong visual statement because they are so unique looking. They will receive lots of press coverage and even criticism which will help spread the word. The Push To Success This direct approach of getting this project done is the only way it is going to happen. The real idea would be to get to the people directly, bypassing all the people that say it can't be done or even worse the ones that don't want it to get done. Once the Vision Dots start popping up the snow ball will start rolling. In action the concept will make sense and more importantly it will attract all kinds of praise from the press. Many organizations have already been approached and really think it is a great solution. Piggy backing on their existing efforts will prove "Vision Dots" is actually the concept most likely to succeed since the starting parameters give it a fighting chance.

The Journey

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